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Schoolgirl praised for returning £200 to shopkeeper after finding it on street

Izzy Bishton, 12, had gone to buy her weekly bus ticket when she came across the wad of cash on Monday at about 9pm at Ali’s News in Wavertree, Liverpool

Her honesty has been praised

A schoolgirl who chanced upon a large sum of money was praised for her compassion and honesty in handing it in.

Izzy Bishton, 12, had gone to buy her weekly bus ticket when she came across the wad of cash on Monday at about 9pm.

She was at Ali’s News in Wavertree, Liverpool when she came across £200.

Her mum, Christina Bishton, 45, said her daughter told her what had happened as soon as she returned home, Liverpool Echo reports.

Christina said: “When she came back, she said, I’ve just found about two hundred quid in the shop. It was a load of twenty pound notes. “

Mum Christina Bishton, 45, said she was incredibly proud of Izzy


Christina Bishton)

Izzy told her mum she handed the money over to the shopkeeper as she didn’t know what else to do.

Christina added: “I was surprised and thought she was winding me up! She insisted she wasn’t.

“I told her well done for being so honest and doing the exact right thing. Then I told her I’d post about it in the local Facebook group to help get it back to the right person, as she was worried it wouldn’t be claimed.”

Christina posted up a message on a local Facebook group telling people what had happened and asking if anyone had lost the money.

Her post read: “Hi all, my daughter just found a substantial wad of money on the floor in the corner shop on Grosvenor Rd. She gave it into the shop keeper if anyone has just lost notes.”

Following the post, people responded praising Izzy for her honesty and thoughtfulness.

One woman posted: “Wow, total respect mum for having such a wonderful honest daughter xx”.

Another woman commented: “Oh how lovely is she!! Well done to your girl and kudos to you for bringing her up like a queen xx”.

An employee of the corner shop saw the post and confirmed that the money had now found its way back to the owner.

They said: “The man who dropped the money was identified and the full amount was returned the same night.”

Christina said she was incredibly proud of her daughter but said she wasn’t surprised as Izzy is “bright, sensitive, quirky, really funny and compassionate.”

The mum added: “She’s always been naturally kind and honest from an early age. It’s the thing we’re most proud of about her.

“I remember in primary school hearing her using Google translate and I asked her why she was using it.

“She said there was a Romanian boy in her class and she could see he looked confused reading his Christmas cards because they were all in English.

“She wanted to write him a card in his own language that he understood.”

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