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Schoolboy, 10, makes incredible gesture to help young kids battling cancer

A 10-year-old schoolboy who was regularly mistaken for a girl because of his long locks has chopped it all off and donated it to children with cancer.

Thomas Waller cut off 14 inches of his long blonde hair and donated it to the Princess Trust charity, which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

While he was growing his hair, his football team nicknamed him Gareth Bale due to the ‘man bun’ he wore when playing.

Determined Thomas decided to donate his hair after hearing about children who had lost their hair through illness.

Thomas spent two years growing his long locks to donate

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When told his mum Stacy Waller and dad Stephen about his plan, they were overwhelmed with pride.

Stacy said: “He said that one day he had been thinking about children that had been poorly and had lost their hair and how it was unfair and that they must be feeling sad so decided to grow his hair to donate it to make a wig.

“He told his headteacher what he wanted to do and then came out of school and proudly announced his plan to us.”

During the two years Thomas grew his locks, he was often mistaken for a girl by strangers.

However, according to Stacy, the mistakes “never deterred him from completing his own challenge.”

His football team, Broomfield FC, supported Thomas throughout the challenge – which also involved him raising an incredible £4,053 for the Little Princess Trust.

Thomas getting his hair cut
Thomas had his hair cut by a friend of his mum

Thomas Waller after
Thomas wanted to donate his hair to children to make them “feel happy”

On 29 June of this year, Thomas finally had his hair cut by a friend of Stacy’s, Gemma Turner.

The money Thomas has raised alongside the hair he’s donated will mean seven wigs can be made for little children around the country.

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Stacy said: “Thomas feels happy that it’s been cut off so that a wig can now be made to make a child happy and give them more confidence.

Schoolboy, 10, makes incredible gesture to help young kids battling cancer

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“He said it does feel strange not having his long hair any more, but he feels very proud that he grew it so long and that he can help so many children with the money raised.”

Thomas said: “I wanted to make a little child who lost their hair happy.”

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