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Savvy Mum-of-four makes huge Morrisons savings by spending just £6 on £47 haul

One thrifty mum has managed to get huge amounts of fresh food for very little by using the Too Good To go app. Here’s how she did it, and how you can make massive savings too

Shelly Kelly has saved a fortune on fresh fruit and veg – and has frozen it to stop it going off

One savvy shopper is feeding her family healthily on a tight budget after getting £47 of groceries for just £6.

Shelly Kelly, 41 from Leamington Spa, works as a carer and has four children aged 21, 15, 13 and 9. She recently shared her massive shopping haul with money-saving community

“‘I picked up two Morrisons boxes using the Too Good To Go app and I’m very impressed,” she said to Birmingham Mail.

This free app lets you buy discounted fresh food that would otherwise be thrown away.

Kelly added: “I picked up the boxes for £3.09 each from the app, so by paying £6.18 for 30 bags of fruit and veg I essentially only paid 20p for each item!

“The best bargain was that I got 13 punnets of strawberries, and the total price originally would have been £21.50 using the offers in-store.

Making smoothies has been a great way to use up the fruit

“Ten punnets were £1.65 each, or 2 for £3, making the total price £15 with the offer, and the remaining three were £2.50 each or two for £4, so the total original price for those would have been £6.50. However, I only paid £2.60 of my £6.18 for these, saving £18.90 in the process!

“That would have been excellent value in itself, but the bargains didn’t stop there. I also got two large bags of pears, which would have cost £1.49 each originally, but I only paid 40p for them. That means I saved £2.58 and got over 2kgs of pears for under 50p.”

Kelly also got two two punnets of grapes, which were marked as £1.65 or two for £3 originally, and saved another £2.60.

She saved roughly the same amount on three punnets of plums, which would have been £1 each in-store but she only paid 60p.

Kelly added: “Blueberries were in the boxes too, and I was impressed to receive four cartons of these as they would usually cost me £3 each. However, the Too Good To Go box meant I paid 80p for a haul worth £12, saving me £11.20.

“I also saved 80p on a pack of unwaxed lemons which would have been £1, and paid about half price on a cucumber half which goes for 49p on average in stores.”

The savvy shopper also got two heads of cauliflower for 40p instead of £1.90, saving £1.50, and two sweetheart cabbages for 40p instead of £1.18, saving 78p.

She said: “Overall I worked out the total value of this grocery haul would have been £47.05 if I’d paid full price. However, as I only paid £6.18, I saved over £40.”

The immediate problem was what to do with all the perishable food, so Kelly ended up freezing much of it.

She said: “I’m a widow with four children so it helped me out a lot. The kids made a lot of smoothies and milkshakes with it. Frozen strawberries were also great in my gin.” co-founder Tom Church said: “Getting mystery or magic boxes and bags through apps like Too Good To Go is quickly becoming a popular trend among the yellow sticker community who are looking for ways to save even more money.”

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