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Mum says young son ‘boiling’ on hospital ward where temperatures hit 30 degrees

A mum says her son is “not getting better” on a hospital ward in “boiling conditions” where temperatures reached over 30C.

Rachel Cardy Gregson, from Upton on the Wirral, took her 18-month-old son Rafferty to Arrowe Park Hospital on Friday but said they haven’t had air conditioning on the ward since he was admitted.

Rafferty has bronchiolitis, also known as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which is a lower respiratory tract infection that affects babies and young children under two years old.

She claims because there is no air conditioning and they can’t open any windows or doors, with the temperature reaching up to 30 degrees C, reports the Liverpool ECHO.

Arrowe Park now say extra measures had been put in place as they apologised for “any discomfort.”

Rachel Cardy Gregson’s 18 month old son, Rafferty in Arrowe Park hospital with Bronchiolitis

The 32-year-old said : “The windows don’t open and because RSV is airborne they won’t let us have the door open either.

“We’ve been provided with a fan but it just blows air around.

“My husband said you wouldn’t sit a dog in a room this hot, they would smash a window if it was a dog in a car this hot.”

Rachel took a thermometer into the room with her after becoming increasingly concerned about the sweltering heat.

She said the temperature on the Gro-egg thermometer has been hitting 28C to 30C throughout the day.

The thermometer has been flashing red which means that the room temperature is outside the recommended guidelines of 16C to 20C, according to Rachel.

Rachel said the temperature of the room was delaying her son's recovery
Rachel said the temperature of the room was delaying her son’s recovery

The mum-of-one believes that the heat is delaying her son’s recovery, and said: “My little one at the moment is not getting better as quickly as he should.”

She added: “We believe if he was in a cooler room it would be more proactive to his healing.

“I appreciate he has a virus but his temperature is going up all the time.

“They said environmental factors can contribute to his temperature as well which is due to the room being so warm.

“Hell hath no fury than a mother with a sick baby that needs him to be cooler.”

Rachel says she doesn’t blame nurses at the hospital as they are also working in the ‘boiling’ conditions.

However she has been left to take the situation into her own hands and is contemplating their own portable aircon.

A thermometer in the room glows red showing temperatures are too hot
A thermometer in the room glows red showing temperatures are too hot

She said: “I’ve overheard staff saying we need a solution not only because our babies are hot, but the staff are too hot, everyone is absolutely boiling.

“We are now thinking we might purchase something ourselves to keep our baby cooler.

“We’re putting wet clothes on him and trying to keep him cool, it’s just becoming increasingly hard.”

A spokesperson for the hospital said: “With the extreme hot weather we have been working hard to deal with higher temperatures in our building. We have placed extra cooling systems in areas where required. We would like to apologise for any discomfort on this ward and we have now placed an extra cooling system in this area as a priority.

“Keeping our patients as comfortable as possible is a priority and we are doing all we can keep patients cool during the hot weather.”

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