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Man who had headache and insomnia for two weeks receives life-saving treatment

A young man who experienced headaches and insomnia for two weeks has received life-saving treatment in hospital.

Fran Redmond suffered the symptoms in August 2016 and after going to hospital, he was diagnosed with an acute subdural haematoma (SDH) and a subarachnoid cyst.

SDH is a clot of blood that develops between the surface of the brain and the dura mater, the brain’s tough outer covering, UCLA Health explains.

The mortality rate for patients with an acute SDH ranges from 50 percent to 90 percent.

Arachnoid cysts are the most common type of brain cyst.

They do not always require treatment and can be present from birth or appear after head injuries or trauma, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

When doctors diagnosed Fran with the two conditions, he was treated at Liverpool’s The Walton Centre – the UK’s only dedicated neurosciences NHS Trust – and recovered.

Fran was treated at The Walton Centre in Liverpool

He is grateful to the team who helped him so he decided to take part in the Virtual Virgin London Marathon for them, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Fran said: “Thanks to the incredible work of The Walton Centre, hours in the operating room at the hands of my consultant Ms Catherine McMahon and the incredible clinical teams I was able to have my haematoma successfully treated.”

He is now raising money for the Home from Home relatives’ accommodation at The Walton Centre, where relatives can stay after a patient has been admitted for urgent treatment.

It is the first time The Walton Centre Charity has received places in the event and the team runners are looking forward to taking part.

Chief executive Jan Ross said: “It’s going to be a massive challenge but I’m really looking forward to joining our other runners and getting out there in October to raise money for this fantastic cause.

“The Home from Home service ensures the families of our patients can stay in a safe environment, close to their loved ones. I’m very proud to be raising money to support this – it’s such a vital service for the hospital.”

The marathon will take place on October 3, 2021, with 50,000 runners expected to participate.

The Home from Home is provided free to families who need it, thanks to charity supporters.

It costs approximately £50,000 per year to run the unit, the hospital explained.

To follow the progress of the team and support their fundraising, visit The Walton Centre Charity here.

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