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Love Island mystery as Sharon and Kaz take ‘tool box’ bags on date

Love Island viewers were left scratching their heads after tuning into Friday’s episode of the ITV2 dating show as Sharon and Kaz went on a date with newcomer Danny

Love Island viewers were left scratching their heads after tuning into Friday’s episode of the ITV2 dating show.

The latest instalment began with Kaz Kamwi heading to a date with bombshell Danny Bibby after he picked her to meet first out of the group of girls.

Kaz was absolutely buzzing as she got ready for the private date, with the rest of the girls cheering her on and chanting: “You’re going on a date! You’re going on a data!”

The fashion blogged looked stunning in a skimpy pink crop top and white trousers as she strutted her stuff out of the villa.

Love Island fans were curious about the white bag Sharon was carrying as she headed off on her date

Despite it not being her usual night out, Kaz still carried a bag – specifically a white one that resembled the shape of a box clutch.

However, the accessory was nowhere to be seen as she enjoyed her date and a bottle of bubbly with heavily tattooed Danny.

Meanwhile, back at the Villa Sharon was sat at the fire pit when she received a text, which read: “Sharon. It’s time for your date with Danny! Please get ready to leave the Villa! #pipedreams #nomorefriendisland.”

Kaz was grinning from ear-to-ear on her date with Danny but her white bag was nowhere to be seen



Getting super excited, Sharon also got ready with the girls’ help and also walked out of the villa holding one of the bags.

Love Island fans were intrigued by the mystery surrounding the bags, especially as they couldn’t see them during the date.

Eagle-eyed viewers rushed to Twitter to comment, with one person writing: “Right why are these girl taking their cloud nine straightener bags on their dates? #LoveIsland.”

Kaz was also carrying the ‘tool box’ bag as the girls waved her off



Someone else tweeted: “So Kaz’s bag looks like a GHD bag and Sharon’s looks like a tool box. Is this normal? #LoveIsland.”

A third asked: “Can someone tell me why the girls take straightener heat proof bags with them on their dates please? #LoveIsland.”

And a fourth person queried: “What are the bags the girls are wearing when they leave the villa but they don’t bring it into the date? #LoveIsland.”

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Friday’s episode ended on yet another epic cliffhanger as the group were asked to gather around the fire pit for another re-coupling.

Despite it being the boys’ turn to choose, newcomer Andrea-Jane Bunker was told she would actually have first refusal and then bombshell Danny would get to choose.

Therefore one girl will be dumped when the re-coupling takes place on Sunday, and many fans fear that AJ will try to steal Welshman Liam away from his current partner Millie.

Love Island: Unseen Bits airs Saturday at 9pm on ITV2.

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