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Hiker catches moment mum-in-law falls from 230ft cliff as he films scenery

WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT. The family were walking in Turkey when the woman went to take a look over the edge of a 230ft drop in Tepekoy despite her daughter shouting to her to stop and not go any further

Tragedy as hiker tumbles to her death off mountain

A hiker was filming picturesque scenery while out walking with his family when he tragically caught on camera the moment his mother-in-law fell to her death by stumbling over a cliff.

Kadir Sahinery recorded the moment that his relative Pumpul Karademir, 71, tried to peer over the edge of the 230ft drop in Tepekoy, Turkey, and then lost her balance.

In the video her daughter was heard shouting “don’t go mum, no, mum don’t go” as she got close to the edge.

Then Pumpel’s husband Mehmet Karademir and her grandaughter began shrieking as well as she fell.

Emergency services were called and it took an hour to find her body which was taken to the nearby town of Savsat.

Kadir was recording the scenery on the mountain when his relative stumbled and fell



A hiker tragically filmed his own mum-in-law fall off a cliff



It is unclear whether the local authorities are investigating what took place.

The funeral took place the following day and she has been buried in a cemetery in Tapekoy.

In another recent holiday disaster film, a family could be seen scrambling to get out of a car in China as it rolled over a cliff.

The moment the car in China rolls towards the edge with a passenger still inside



They were enjoying the view at Xinjiang’s Duku Highway having stopped by the roadside.

A man, apparently the driver, was standing beside the car with the door open when it started to roll forward.

Two passengers in the back managed to get out but the person in the front was unable to do so before the vehicle went over the edge. Fortunately the passenger survived but sustained serious hip injuries.

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