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Get ready for England – guide to Super Saturday as Three Lions take on Ukraine

It’s going to be a Super Saturday as England go for Euros glory.

And while most of us won’t be in Rome to roar on the Three Lions against Ukraine in the quarter-finals, that doesn’t mean we can’t party like we’re there.

With everything from the soundtrack to snacks, here’s our guide to the perfect celebration.

But pace yourself – kick-off isn’t until 8pm!

Top scoring playlist

Three Lions by the Lightning Seeds and Frank Skinner and David Baddiel is a major fan favourite

Ensure your party’s in full swing before kick-off by creating a playlist of classic football songs. Here’s our top five…

1Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home) – The Lightning Seeds and Baddiel & Skinner

A catchy smash hit for England fans despite it being released 25 years ago.

2World in Motion – England and New Order

Featuring an memorable rap section by former England player John Barnes, the 1990 track remains popular to this day.

Ant & Dec outside the FA headquarters to launch Engand's 2002 World Cup song, 'We're On The Ball'
Ant & Dec outside the FA headquarters to launch Engand’s 2002 World Cup song, ‘We’re On The Ball’

3Vindaloo – Fat Les

This wasn’t the official 1998 World Cup song but it became an unexpected hit. A charity version, Vindaloo Two, was released ahead of Euro 2020, featuring Danny Dyer and Paddy McGuinness.

4We’re On the Ball – Ant & Dec

After ending their pop careers to focus on TV presenting, Ant & Dec, inset, released this song for the 2002 World Cup.

5All Together Now 2004 – The Farm featuring SFX Boys’ Choir, Liverpool

A reminder of how football can bring together people from different backgrounds. The lyrics speak of the Christmas Day ceasefire during the First World War when soldiers from both sides played a game of footie.

Get the right kit

The Range Football balloons
Top event planner Monty Clevely says it’s the perfect time to get together

“The timing couldn’t be more perfect to get together and celebrate our country,” said top event planner Monty Clevely.

“Start by laying a beautiful moss-green velvet tablecloth down on your table to replicate the pitch and go for a red, white and blue coloured table. You could use red glassware with a blue charger plate and beautiful white crockery.

“Encourage your guests to experiment with their outfits – a great chance to wear bright blue, red and white.”

Find decorations at Card Factory, which is selling an 18in helium football (£2.79) and silver letter balloons (£1.79 each), with all helium balloons blown up for free. Or head to The Range for a pack of 30 white England balloons for £1.29.

If you want to show your team allegiance loudly and proudly, Sainsbury’s is selling a kids’ grey Euros Football’s Coming Home T-shirt (from £7) and a navy adults’ England Three Lions Pique T-Shirt (£14).

The ideal formation

Card Factory football party decorations
Football themed party pack
There are plenty of football-themed decorations available if you want to show your team allegiance loudly and proudly

Make sure your lounge is perfectly set up so your guests can enjoy the glut of goals to come from England – we hope! Anna Sheridan, in-house stylist at Heal’s, has these top tips…

1 The premium viewing spot will be front and centre to the screen but anti-reflection and low-glare technology now means that every angle can provide a fantastic view of the pitch. Aim to position chairs around the TV within a 30-degree angle from either side of the midpoint – the sweet spot is 2m back.

2 The average eye height from the floor when seated is around 44in, so raise your television set to this level to avoid half-time neck strain.

3 It’s easy to get carried away during the match but to avoid breakages, think where drinks will be best positioned within the living room. Food is best served at half-time! If you have a side table, place it slightly behind your chair to prevent spillages when celebrating.

Heals TV Formation
Pitch side blank
The right lounge set up is crucial for the game

Feed the fans

If you’re a whizz at baking why not wow your guests with a delicious football cake? Here’s a tasty recipe courtesy of Lakeland (visit


For the cake:

340g margarine, plus extra to grease; 340g caster sugar; 6 eggs; 340g self-raising flour, plus extra to dust; 1 tsp vanilla essence

For the filling:

2 tbsp strawberry jam

For the base coat of icing (crumb coat):

125g softened butter; 200g icing sugar; 50g cocoa powder

To decorate:

Ready-to-roll white icing; Ready-to-roll black icing

Football cake
How about making a football cake in honour of the England boys?


Preheat the oven to 160°C/320°F. Grease and flour 2 medium (16cm) hemisphere cake pans. To make the cake, mix the margarine and sugar together until light and fluffy. Beat in 4 eggs and half of the flour, then beat in the last 2 eggs, vanilla essence and remaining flour. Transfer the mixture to the tins and bake for 50-55 minutes. Leave to cool.

Spread the flat edge with the jam and a little of the buttercream. Put the cake halves together and place on to a cake board.

Cover the cake with the reserved buttercream and roll out the white icing to about the size of a dinner plate. Place on to the cake and smooth from the top before trimming any excess.

Cut out two paper hexagonal and pentagonal templates. The edges of each should be 350mm. Roll out the black icing and cut out 11 pentagons. Put the first on the top and the rest of the pattern follows.

Put the hexagonal template along one edge of the top pentagon and stick the next pentagon under this and place stuck 5 pentagons in a ring.

Don’t despair if you cannot bake: Asda’s Football Celebration Cake is on offer at £5 or try Sainsbury’s Football Crazy Cake, £7. M&S’s Football Dome Cake is priced at £15.

Take your chants

England manager Gareth Southgate
England manager Gareth Southgate has his own chant

Here are three rousing England chants to sing once the match kicks off. They’ll help lift the mood if the going on the pitch gets tough!

1Sweet Caroline

The Neil Diamond classic is a new favourite on the terraces, rivalling Three Lions. “I mean, you can’t beat a bit of Sweet Caroline, can you? That’s a belter, really,” said England boss Gareth Southgate after the Germany win.


Sweet Caroline

Good times never seemed so good

I’ve been inclined

To believe they never would

Oh no, no

2Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)

Simple lyrics plus a catchy tune makes for a brilliant chant and this one’s a must for any England fan.


It’s coming home

It’s coming home

It’s coming

Football’s coming home!

3Southgate You’re The One

A chant in honour of the England manager, sung to the tune of Whole Again by Atomic Kitten.


Looking back on where we first met

I cannot escape and I cannot forget

Southgate you’re the one

You still turn me on

Football’s coming home again

Half-time quiz

Former England midfielder Owen Hargreaves
Former England midfielder Owen Hargreaves

1Who scored England’s winning penalty against Colombia at the 2018 World Cup?

Raheem Sterling, Eric Dier or Kieran Trippier?

2Which of these players did NOT go to the 2018 World Cup?

Gary Cahill, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain or Danny Rose?

3Who scored England’s only goal in their 4-1 defeat to Germany in the 2010 World Cup?

Frank Lampard, Matthew Upson or Gareth Barry?

4Which of these PLAYERS did NOT start England’s quarter-final against Portugal at the 2006 World Cup?

Owen Hargreaves, pictured, Gary Neville or Peter Crouch?

5Who was the only England player to score in their penalty shoot-out against Portugal in 2006?

John Terry, Owen Hargreaves or David Beckham?

6Which one of these players was in England’s squad for Euro 2004?

Joey Barton, Kieron Dyer or Trevor Sinclair?

7Harry Maguire scored England’s opening goal against Sweden in the World Cup quarter-final in 2018. Who scored the second to make it 2-0?

Harry Kane, Dele Alli or Jesse Lingard, above?

8How many goals did England score during Euro 2016?

Four, six or eight?

Roy Hodgson
Roy Hodgson led England during Euro 2016

9What did Roy Hodgson say to the press following England’s humiliating defeat to Iceland in Euro 2016?

“I don’t really know what I am doing here”

“If you switch the numbers around, we won”

“You have to look at the positives”

10Who gave away a penalty in the 89th minute against Romania to seal England’s exit from Euro 2000?

Gary Neville, Tony Adams or Phil Neville?

ANSWERS: 1. Eric Dier 2. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 3. Matthew Upson 4. Peter Crouch 5. Owen Hargreaves 6. Kieron Dyer 7. Dele Alli 8. Four 9. “I don’t really know what I am doing here” 10. Phil Neville

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