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Furious Love Island fans slam recoupling ‘twist’ as AJ’s spot sparks devastation

Love Island viewers were left furious watching Sunday night’s episode as there was a recoupling with a twist that sent one islander packing.

Newcomer AJ Bunker was able to pick first out of all the boys, and after that, all of the boys picked a girl, meaning Sharon Gaffka was dumped.

AJ chose Hugo Hammond, who was in a friendship couple with Hugo, meaning it was Sharon’s turn to pack her bags.

But viewers were questioning why AJ got her pick of the boys, given she failed to properly connect with anyone beyond a chat and a bit of flirting.

Hugo said he wanted to give AJ a chance but fans are convinced he does not fancy AJ.

AJ got to pick out of any of the boys, despite not having made a strong connection with any of them

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One tweeted: “I find it kinda unfair that AJ got to pick when it was boys choice. If she goes home without ever being coupled up, so be it. That’s what happened to Chuggs”.

“I fully believe that if AJ didn’t get first pick, Hugo would have chosen Sharon as a friendship couple #LoveIsland,” added another.

“AJ’s lucky she was the first to pick, or she won’t have even had time to unpack before she was sent home,” remarked a third.

“Aj after trying to crack on with everyone Then says to Hugo you were my first choice… no one else wanted her,” added a fourth.

Hugo admitted he was not 100% interested in AJ
Hugo admitted he was not 100% interested in AJ

After AJ made her choice, it was then the boys’ turn to chose the girl they wanted to couple up with, starting with bombshell Danny Bibby.

Danny had flirted with Lucinda Strafford, Kaz Kamwi and Sharon, the latter of whom was coupled up with Hugo.

He said: “I would like to choose this girl because I am drawn to her, she is stunning and I can see myself having a future with her.

So the girl I would like to couple up with is Lucinda,” he confirmed.

Aaron then confirmed he was coupling up with “his sister in the villa” but hinted that he would have chosen Lucinda if he’d got the chance.

“The girl I would like to couple up with is Kaz,” he confirmed.

Jake Cornish then coupled up with Liberty Poole, which came as no surprise as Liberty recently revealed she was falling in love.

Liam then chose Millie, and Faye was chosen by new boy Teddy, who said they were going “from strength to strength”.

Chloe was chosen by Toby, despite their somewhat rocky week since Toby reacted badly to finding out they were voted least compatible.

Sharon burst into tears as she was the final girl left standing, and her fellow islanders ran over and hugged her.

* Love Island continues tomorrow night on ITV2 at 9pm

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