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Emmerdale Jimmy actor’s life off-screen, Hollywood career and future amid trial

Nick Miles is best known for playing hapless Jimmy King in Emmerdale – but he has also dabbled in Hollywood.

First arriving with his three brothers in February 2004, Jimmy started as a nasty, cold businessman who was willing to stop anyone in his way.

Now Jimmy is the last King standing in the village, as ruthless brothers Carl, Matthew, Max and dad Tom have all been killed off – and most villagers were pleased to see the back of them.

After the deaths of his entire family, Jimmy started to have a personality transformation into a comedy character and devoted husband.

Birmingham-born actor Nick has appeared in a music video for rock band Embrace as a policeman, then went onto play Chief Superintendent Guy Mannion in The Bill between 1993 and 2001, although it was only for 13 episodes.

Nick has also appeared in Casualty, Silent Witness and Heartbeat, but movie buffs might have spotted him in two highly-acclaimed films.

Jimmy is the last remaining member of the notorious King brothers

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He had a cameo role in Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells in 1998 in a scene with Sting.

Four years later he appeared in Martin Scorsese epic Gangs of New York, which also featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day Lewis, as an Atlantic Guard Leader.

But the actor returned to the TV screen and made his Emmerdale debut in 2004 – and he only intended to stay for 12 months.

“You don’t become an actor to stay in the one job. I only intended to do a year but I’ve been very lucky,” he said.

“Jimmy King has been at the heart of some cracking storylines and the twists and turns have kept it interesting.”

There was plenty of laughter in the Emmerdale green room when Nick learned that his bumbling character was getting a screen wife, Sadie, played by none other than Patsy Kensit.

“The Monday after I arrived there was a newspaper report saying Patsy Kensit was coming in to be my wife,” he said.

“I remember walking into the green room like a terrified zombie and everybody pointing at me and saying, ‘here he comes, Mr Kensit’.”

Patsy Kensit was Nick's on-screen wife
Patsy Kensit was Nick’s on-screen wife

Jimmy has struggled with romances and cheating over the years, so fortunately Nick’s own love life is very different.

The Emmerdale star is married to Stephanie Lumb – and made the announcement they were getting married at the 2006 National TV Awards.

“I’m getting wed – It’s very exciting,” he reportedly gushed at the annual ceremony.

A source told The People at the time: “Nick’s over the moon. He’s been smiling all week and couldn’t wait to break the news.”

Nick and Stephanie, who have lived in West Witton within the Yorkshire Dales National Park for more than 10 years, recently bought an adorable border terrier puppy.

During lockdown, Nick shared a snap of his hand with painted nails with the caption: “Wife’s boredom levels have gone through the roof”.

Nick got his nails done by his wife
Nick got his nails done by his wife

Nick has been left heartbroken by burning moorland near his home in the Yorkshire Dales – where Emmerdale is set.

The actor has called for a ban on the “archaic” practise – with the moors burned to encourage new growth of heather to feed grouse reared for shooting.

In April this year, Nick revealed his village had “disappeared” under a blanket of smoke because of the fires near his home.

“We are told not to burn wood in our stoves but we see them setting fire to heather which damages the environment. It depresses me every time I see it, he told The Mirror.

“It is heartbreaking when you are on top of a hill and see five different fires with emissions going up into the atmosphere and knowing underneath it is a deep peat bog, a vital sink for carbon.”

Nick, who first became passionate about the burning on grouse moors after realising birds of prey are being affected, wrote to his MP Rishi Sunak.

Nick has been speaking passionately against the burning of the heather across the moorlands in Yorkshire
Nick has been speaking passionately against the burning of the heather across the moorlands in Yorkshire

But he said his plea fell on deaf ears, despite the COP26 climate conference being hosted in Glasgow in November.

He said: “How do we go to COP26 wagging our fingers about other countries’ wildlife when we are slaughtering our own for a few shooters? I would like to see it go altogether. We need much more biodiversity.”

Jimmy is currently facing a spell in prison – and he’s only gone and made matters a million times worse.

After being shaken by his first day at court, Jimmy’s self-esteem was boosted by Mandy reading the speech she has prepared for the judge.

Overcome with guilt and gratitude, Jimmy clumsily leant in for a kiss which was returned by Mandy.

The explosive moment actually left Emmerdale viewers in stitches on Wednesday night.

Jimmy went in for a smooch with Mandy this week
Jimmy went in for a smooch with Mandy this week

Because of social distancing rules, the actors couldn’t smooch for real so the soap cut to an ad break just at the crucial moment.

When the soap returned, the kiss was over and Jimmy was seen apologising to Mandy.

Moments after the illicit locking of lips, Nicola appeared and there were fears she may have witnessed everything.

Fortunately for cheating Jimmy, Nicola was none the wiser and actually tried to make him feel better by saying his testimony will seem like it’s from an honest man.

Guilty over his kiss with Mandy, he’s in turmoil as he rejects her positivity and goes to pack for prison.

Will Jimmy be found guilty? And will Nicola discover he kissed another woman?

Hinting at a possible reconciliation for Jimmy and Nicola, Nick has explained that his character’s future with Nicola lies in her hands.

Could this really be the end for Jimmy and Nicola?
Could this really be the end for Jimmy and Nicola?

“How often can she take him back?” he asked. “This needs to be a question for Nicola. Will she still want him after everything?”

Revealing that he’s rooting for the couple to get back together, Nick continued: “I’d be bereft without a doubt [if Jimmy and Nicola split]. I love working with Nicola [Wheeler].

“It’s been great fun working with Lisa Riley as well, but Jimmy and Nicola have had such a long partnership. I’d definitely miss it.”

Ultimately, though, fans will have to tune in to find out whether the long-time husband and wife will make it through their latest test.

“The ‘If you split Nicola and Jimmy up I’ll stop watching’ bomb has been thrown a few times,” Nick added.

“We’ll just have to wait and see!”

* Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm

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