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Dani Dyer thought jailed ex ‘would be let off and booked him holiday ticket’

Dani Dyer reportedly wasn’t expecting her ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmence to be jailed even booked him a ticket to go on holiday with her

Dani Dyer expected her ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmence would go free and even booked him a holiday ticket, it’s claimed.

The Love Island star, 24, took to Instagram earlier this week to reveal she was packing for a trip, but failed to mention anything about 25-year-old Sammy’s court case.

Sammy wept in court as he was jailed for more than three years for scamming two elderly men out of £34,000 by posing as a financial investor.

And it’s been reported that Dani thought Sammy would be spared jail, and expected him to be joining her and their seven-month-old son Santiago on holiday this week.

Dani Dyer expected her ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmence would go free and even booked him a holiday ticket, it’s claimed


Dani Dyer/Instagram)

A source told the MailOnline: “Dani was convinced he would be let off.

“She had booked the holiday for herself, Sammy and their son Santi, but now she’s having to go without him.”

The Mirror has contacted a rep for Dani Dyer and is currently awaiting comment.

Sammy was sentenced to 42 months on Wednesday after scamming two elderly men.

Sammy outside Portsmouth Crown Court on Wednesday



He duped Peter Martin, 91, and Peter Haynes, 81, by persuading the pensioners to let him to invest their money for them and then spent it on expensive restaurants, hotels and clothes.

He had denied all the charges before a last minute change of plea, and was sent to prison for five counts of fraud, totalling £33,919.

Judge Timothy Mousley QC handed him 30 months imprisonment for his duping of Mr Martin, as well as 12 months for the fraud against Mr Haynes, and Sammy must serve at least half of his sentence.

Sammy spoke only confirm his name before sobbing in the dock during the hearing at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Dani reportedly dumped Sammy



The judge said: “You defrauded two men of significant sums of money, both were elderly gentlemen, neither was a wealthy man.

“Whilst these men trusted you, you used their money to fund your lifestyle.

“This was a significant abuse of trust.”

After his sentencing, it was then reported that Dani had dumped Sammy.

It was claimed that he had downplayed his crimes to her and she felt “devastated” for his victims and their families.

Dani is going on holiday with baby Santiago



A source told MailOnline: “She is absolutely floored by what’s happened with Sammy. She knows she has to make massive changes in her life and she’s so distraught…

“All she knows is that her baby boy Santiago is the only thing that matters now and she is trying to work out how best to look after him as a single parent.

“She needs time to think it through. Sammy completely downplayed the court case every step of the way.”

Dani is yet to comment on the breakup.

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