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Britney’s first husband claims he was misled into ending their 55-hour marriage

Britney Spears’ first husband – and childhood friend – Jason Alexander has backed her in her fight to overturn her conservatorship and claims their marriage was forced to end abruptly by her ‘misleading’ team.

Jason and 39-year-old Britney were famously married for just 55 hours back in 2004 – with a 4am Las Vegas ceremony swiftly followed by an abrupt annulment.

But 39-year-old Jason claims that he was conned out of his marriage to the chart topping pop star and says her team told him he would be allowed to continue his relationship with her as long as he signed to agree the annulment of their marriage.

Now the former college football player, who grew up with Britney in Kentwood, Louisiana, is speaking out – and he is pointing a finger of blame at the team who worked with Britney at the time for causing the end of their romance.

Britney Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander has shared details about the collapse of their marriage

Jason shared all on the podcast Toxic: The Britney Spears Story where he said: “They told me if I would sign the contracts — the annulment — they would let me and Britney continue our relationship, and if we felt the same way in six months they would give us a proper marriage.”

He goes on to claim Britney’s team convinced him they would allow him to date the singer for six months after which point they could reconsider having a “proper” marriage.

He says he was convinced the team were telling the truth and says he continued to keep in touch with Britney via phone communications.

Britney Spears
Jason and Britney were married for just 55 hours back in 2004

He says: “we were talking every day and I still believed the story I was told, that they were going to let us continue to talk and then we would have this marriage, right, in the future if we felt the same way.”

Jason was then allegedly warned by his own lawyers that if he didn’t contest the annulment within 30 days of him signing it, the decision would be made permanent and that he would then be cut off from the star.

He said: “Literally the day after, like, the 30 days was up, I remember trying to call the number I had for Britney and it was like, ‘Beep, beep, beep [to indicate it had been disconnected]’. I’m like, ‘F*** they got me! Motherf***ers!’ So that was it.”

Jason Alexander
Jason says he is ‘sorry’ he wasn’t able to protect Britney from her conservatorship – which began not too long after they were married

Britney has been under a conservatorship since 2008 – meaning her financial and personal life decisions are controlled by other people; namely her father, Jamie Spears, and a co-conservator named Jodi Montgomery.

The singer has challenged the conservatorship in an American court and is trying to have the court-ordered restrictions on her life lifted.

Last month, she explained in heartbreaking detail some of the restrictions placed on her life – including that she has been forced to use an ‘intrauterine’ contraceptive device which has prevented her from having more children against her own wishes.

Jason offered his apologies for not doing more to protect his one-time wife, saying in the podcast: “If she hates me after she’s free, I won’t blame her. I failed her.

“I was supposed to protect her from all this, I let her down and we both paid dearly. Head in hands, I’m so sorry.”

Jason has previously shown support for Britney by attending a #FreeBritney protest march back in August last year.

Britney Spears and Jamie Spears
Britney is battling to end the conservatorship that gives her father, Jamie Spears, power over her financial and personal life

Jamie Spears has been Britney’s conservator since the courts ordered a conservatorship be placed on her back in 2008 – not long after the star famously shaved her head in front of a huge wall of paparazzi photographers.

Jodi Montgomery, an experienced conservator with a degree in social welfare, became co-conservator in September 2019.

Reports since then have claimed Britney and her father fell out and rarely speak since 2019, with the star launching her legal contest to her conservatorship in August last year – however it is unclear how many months will pass before the results of her legal battle are made clear.

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