Video: ‘The Right to Vote Is a Given,’ Harris Says

new video loaded: ‘The Right to Vote Is a Given,’ Harris Says



‘The Right to Vote Is a Given,’ Harris Says

Vice President Kamala Harris called Democratic members of the Texas Legislature “American patriots” on Wednesday, due to their success in holding off a Republican voter restriction bill in Texas last month.

Let me begin today by saying thank you to all of you. You are courageous leaders and you are American Patriots. When we look at what has happened in Texas, we look at what’s happening around the country, I think it’s important to remember, we talk about the right to vote and the right to vote is a given. All citizens have the right to vote constitutionally. It is their right. What we are seeing are examples of an attempt to interfere with that right — an attempt to marginalize and take from people a right that has already been given. We are not asking for the bestowal of a right. We are talking about the preservation of a right. That is the right of citizenship. And it’s that fundamental, it is that fundamental. We will do everything in our power as an administration to lift up the voices of those who seek to preserve the right of the people to vote. We’re not telling people how to vote. And frankly, this is not a Democratic or a Republican issue. This is an American issue. This is an American issue.

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