Video: Pelosi Appoints Cheney to Jan. 6 Committee

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Pelosi Appoints Cheney to Jan. 6 Committee

Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed Representative Liz Cheney, Republican of Wyoming, to a newly created special committee to investigate the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Ms. Cheney’s appointment appeared to be an attempt by Democrats to bring a degree of bipartisanship to the investigation.

“As you can see, I am very proud to be able to announce the members of that committee this morning. Our chairman will be Bennie Thompson — he’s chair of the Homeland Security Committee, and he negotiated the bipartisan commission. And we thank him for his leadership. Chair Zoe Lofgren, House Administration Committee, which is having key hearings as a committee of jurisdiction for the safety of the Capitol. I’m saying this in seniority order. Congresswoman Liz Cheney of the Armed Services Committee has patriotically agreed to serve on the committee. She has a family matter she’s dealing with — may join us depending on how long this takes. But we’re very honored and proud that she has agreed to serve on the committee. Representative Stephanie Murphy of Armed Services Committee, Representative Jamie Raskin, a constitutional scholar, as you all know, Oversight Committee. That is a committee, major committee of jurisdiction. And then, we’re very proud that Elaine Luria, a Navy veteran, captain of the ship — maybe there’s a more technical and better, what was the title?” “Retired commander.” “Retired commander? Oh, my gosh. And a member of the Armed Services Committee. Her interest in this is longstanding in the Congress. She is also a member of the Homeland Security Committee.”

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