Video: Economic Gains ‘Flip the Script’ for Workers, Biden Says

new video loaded: Economic Gains ‘Flip the Script’ for Workers, Biden Says



Economic Gains ‘Flip the Script’ for Workers, Biden Says

President Biden said June’s jobs report gave Americans something else to celebrate ahead of the Independence Day weekend, as wages increased and 850,000 jobs were added to the economy.

As we get prepared to celebrate Independence Day, today’s job news brought us something else to celebrate. This morning, we learned that in June, our economy created 850,000 jobs — 850,000 jobs. Wages went up for American workers. This is historic progress, pulling our economy out of the worst crisis in 100 years, driven in part by our dramatic progress in vaccinating our nation and beating back the pandemic, as well as other elements of the American Rescue Plan. So the American Rescue Plan is strengthening our financial position and it grows our economy, is continuing to grow our economy, and the strength of our recovery is helping us flip the script: Instead of workers competing with each other for jobs that are scarce, employers are competing with each other to attract workers. That kind of competition in the market doesn’t just give workers more ability to earn higher wages. It also gives them the power to demand to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. More jobs, better wages. That’s a good combination. Put simply, our economy is on the move and we have Covid-19 on the run. Yes, we have more work to do to get America vaccinated and everyone back to work. We’re aiming for full employment.

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