Video: Biden Promises Continued Federal Aid for Surfside Building Collapse

“I just came to say thanks, and listen to find out what I can do as president, what I can do in terms of help for whatever you need. The governor and the mayor have been completely open with me — whatever they’ve asked for, I think we’ve been able to deliver, and I think there’s more that we can do, including, I think I have the power and we’ll know shortly, and that’s to be able to pick up 100 percent of the costs for the county and the state over the next 30 days. I just want to, you know, start today, if I could with as thorough a briefing as you’re able to give me. Tell me what you need, and that goes for both the senators and the congresswoman and anyone in Florida, just to pick up the phone. For real, I’m not joking about it.” “As we talk to the family members, as you will soon be doing, as they are waiting and waiting for news of their loved ones, as you said, and also those who’ve been displaced, I mean, it’s just a crisis all around. But we are working together to handle the crisis, to get the answers about what happened here. And we can update you on that. And we are going to be examining every inch of this catastrophe.” “The fact that we now have that search-and-rescue team from Virginia here, and I know we have some more on the way, that’s going to be helpful because this is grueling and obviously the families lives have been shattered. Mental health is going to be important. We do appreciate the collaboration from local, state and federal. And, you know, what we just need now is we need a little bit of luck and a little bit of prayers. And, you know, we would like to be able to, you know, to see some miracles happen.”

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