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Chicago, IL — Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid Pawlowski have been released from jail in Alberta, Canada.

As the Liberty Loft reported, the Pawlowski’s were arrested on Saturday for the “crime” of holding church service.

The Calgary Police Service stated: “Artur Pawlowski and Dawid Pawlowski have both been arrested and charged with organizing an illegal in-person gathering, including requesting, inciting or inviting others to attend an illegal public gathering, promoting and attending an illegal public gathering.”

While in police custody, Artur Pawlowski and his lawyers have reported serious police abuse from the arrest all the way to the release of the brothers.

The Rebel News reported that the Pawlowski’s were released from the Calgary Remand Centre (CRC) on Monday, but not without a fight from the prison guards. Lawyers were able to get an order from the Court of Queen’s Bench for immediate release of the Pawlowski’s but the prison refused to follow the order for hours, one of Pawlowski’s legal team members told the Rebel News. Additionally, a reporter waiting for the release was threatened by police.

Pawlowski has been the victim of Canada’s authoritarian rule under COVID-19 edicts from the beginning facing fines back in April of 2020 for feeding the homeless, and the Rebel News has extensively covered the abusive government actions.

The Rebel News was able to interview Artur Pawlowski while he was still in custody. He described what effectively was torture being perpetrated by the police right from the Saturday arrest, which took place in the middle of a busy highway, where he was “thrown like a piece of meat” and spent over an hour handcuffed and laid down on his side in the back of the police vehicle.

“They’re villains,” Pawlowski said of the bureaucrats who are creating and enforcing the unlawful rules. “They’re wicked, evil people. What they’re doing is evil.”

While in jail, Pawlowski said the CRC did not allow him to talk to his lawyers and “they’re not allowing us to sleep” as they kept his, and his brother’s, cell lights on while turning off the lights of other inmates. They were provided no pillows, blankets or beds.

“We had to spend the whole day yesterday and the whole night and half a day right now on the concrete, on cold concrete…. It’s shocking the treatment,” Pawlowski said. “I’m being viewed here like a monkey in a circus. From time to time, police will come and just look through the window, ‘oh, like a trophy.’”

Despite the treatment, Pawlowski said he was in “good spirit” knowing he was in the right.

“I’m not going to quit,” Pawlowski said. “They are not going to silence me. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing because if I don’t have freedom, I have nothing else. If we don’t have freedom to worship our God, then what else do we have.”

Pawlowski noted that he feeds the homeless without taking a single taxpayer dollar and does not force anyone to attend his church while the government is the only entity exhibiting force against peaceful people.

Still, those willing to resist tyranny appear to be the minority not only in Canada but in America and around the world. Pawlowski appealed to Christians to start standing for truth.

“Christians, rise up and stand up right now,” Pawlowski said. “If not now, then when? I know that some people don’t like me, and I say quite often, ‘don’t like me. I’m not here to win a popularity contest.’”

Pawlowski added: “Jesus wins in the end, and when we stand with Him. That’s where I draw my hope. My hope is in Christ. He redeemed me, He saved me, He changed the corrupted man into the man I am today and I give Him all the glory. If you are depressed or suicidal or in a tough situation, remember that God has your back. We know how this story ends. Truth wins in the end.”

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