Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Dips Below 50 Percent Again

A poll on Monday revealed 49 percent of likely voters disapprove of President Joe Biden’s performance, slipping one point since Friday.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll also indicated 49 percent of likely voters approve of Biden’s performance.

Gallup published a poll Friday that marked Biden at a 50 percent approval rating.

Biden’s slipping in the polls comes as the nation has experienced an increase in crime, inflation, and migrants crossing the southern border.

The issues, which Democrats have attempted to solve by reducing police, printing more money, and ending former President Trump’s immigration policies, are spilling over into House races across the country.

A National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) poll released Thursday found that 70 percent are either extremely or very concerned about rising prices and the higher cost of living, and a majority, 60 percent, disapprove of Biden’s handling of it. Twenty-three percent also blame the economic situation on President Joe Biden, and 19 percent attribute it to Democrats in Congress — both topping the list.

The poll also showed 73 percent of battleground district voters say the country’s crime rate has increased, and voters in these districts trust Republicans to handle issues surrounding crime and safety by a three-point margin — 45 percent to 42 percent:

These numbers are even more pronounced in the 16 districts that voted for different parties for President and Congress (either Biden/Republican or Trump/Democratic districts). Fully 79% of voters in these districts say the country’s crime rate has increased and 53% say their community’s crime rate has too. And, by a nine-point margin, these voters also believe Republicans in Congress are better able to deal with this issue than Democrats (49% GOP — 40% DEM).

Lastly, the poll revealed that “voters in the battleground districts represented by Democratic Members of Congress still trust Republicans more on this issue (48% GOP — 39% DEM).”

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