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Yes, Even The Sex/Life Intimacy Coordinator Thought Bridgerton’s Sex Scenes Were “Amazing” – E! Online

Intimacy coordinators start in prep (“We don’t come in at the last minute to hold your hand”) to craft the vision for each sex scene. “What’s the maximum amount of nudity, what actions do we really need?” Hudecki noted. “We were really lucky on Sex/Life because we got a lot of rehearsals, and those help the actors get out of their heads and just perform because they already know what to expect, what their modesty garments are going to be. I think that goes a long way to protecting our performers’ mental health in this industry.” 

Of course, there are plenty of laughs while filming steamy scenes. “One of my favorite moments was we were choreographing part of the sex montage when Billie is simulating oral sex, and we just had this stand-in in that position with their shield on,” Hudecki quipped about filming during the coronavirus pandemic. “I think you have to picture how we shot these because they are essentially naked, kissing each other, and all around these performers are people in masks, shields, gloves, gowns. And it’s so funny. There was an absurd element to shooting this series that was just amplified by the pandemic.” 

After that jaw-dropping Sex/Life finale, we can’t wait to see what “equally sexy” project Hudecki works on next. 

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