Meet the top 11 VCs who’ve bet the most cash on turning MDMA and magic mushrooms into medical treatments

  • Insider tracked down the top 11 VCs in the psychedelics space.
  • We asked each firm how many deals they’ve made and how much they’ve deployed into the industry.
  • The 11 firms on this list have invested about $139.8 million altogether.
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Psychedelics startups have raised hundreds of millions of dollars from private investors over the past year, and many have gone public.

We reached out to 18 investment firms focused on private psychedelics companies and asked them about their total deal count, assets under management, and how much funding they’ve invested in startups in the industry.

Since the for-profit psychedelics space has been around for only a few years, most of these firms were founded recently. We narrowed our list to 11 firms based on how much they’ve invested in startups over the past few years. The 11 firms have invested about $139.8 million altogether.

Insider used data from PitchBook, CB Insights, and PsyIndex. We also asked sources within psychedelics which firms have been most heavily involved. 

We didn’t include investment firms that focus primarily on other industries or wealthy individuals like Peter Thiel or Michael Novogratz who have heavily invested their own cash. We also left out Christian Angermayer and his firm, Apeiron Investment Group, both of which have invested heavily in psychedelics but focus on other sectors.

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This article was updated on July 15 to include the Noetic Fund and new investments by Neo Kuma and Vine Ventures.

Here are the top investors in the psychedelics industry, listed by how much capital they’ve deployed into the space: 

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